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One fine day, my wife wanted to visit the teacher who taught her in the past, the person who helped her during her school years and was also the person she valued the most. As soon as she arrived at the house, the teacher immediately recognized her. Because in the past, she was an excellent person, both beautiful and talented in literature and martial arts. This time she came not only to visit her teacher but also partly to thank her because thanks to her teacher, she is what she is today. To be more precise, in the past, she had feelings for him but he refused. Now that she has grown up, she wants to come back to find him again. He also understands what she wants and does not hesitate to accept, and what is the matter? When the two people's desires surged, the husband grew a few centimeters taller =)) Do you understand what I mean? It's a waste of time because the actors and the content of this movie are very interesting, so please enjoy it slowly...

ABS-049 My slutty wife and the teacher
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