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Asumi Mirai joined the company at the same time. The two often compete with each other, always at odds, but in the end Naoto chooses to give up and get married. Asumi Mirai has been secretly in love with him for a long time, so since Then, she threw herself into work, keeping herself busy to forget the feeling of being lost in her heart. This time Asumi Mirai was assigned a very urgent project. She trusted and entrusted Naoto with the task. Compile documents before next week. As a result, he had to work late until he could catch the last train. Seeing that, Asumi Mirai immediately invited Naoto to her house to drink. Here, Naoto shares about his marital relationship not being good, about the rumor that he is having an affair with Asumi Mirai. She also confesses her feelings for Naoto, as does Naoto, he loves her but doesn't think he deserves her. And that night, they both fucked each other a lot...

MIDV-325 Having an affair with a new colleague at the company
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